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October 19, 2016


June 25, 2016

Digital Dental Imaging: 3D X-rays for Orthodontics

Digital Dental Imaging: Using 3-D pictures of the mouth to improve orthodontics Summary: Gone are the days of uncomfortable mouth castings to determine bite orientation and plan for orthodontic work. Now Orthodontists prefer to use 3D Digital Dental imaging and mouth scan technologies that offer a full picture of a patients mouth to help them determine the best way to work on orthodontic problems. As a consumer, it’s easier, faster and more comfortable; for the Orthodontist it’s more accurate and can uncover problems that took much longer in the past and makes it easier to give the comprehensive service needed to take care of patients the right way. In short: 3D Dental imaging and 3D Scan technology has revolutionized the industry while offering the best […]