Your first visit is so important to us. At your first Orthodontic Consultation, we will get to know you and you can get to know us and see our qualifications and practice up close. Every patient is unique and needs a unique treatment and analysis to ensure they are treated to the highest level of service and are comfortable with the orthodontic process. We are driven and dedicated to the attention to detail you deserve and we are passionate about outperforming not only other practices, but in doing better each day in our own practice. In the first visit to our office whether it is in our Temecula Orthodontics office, our Hemet Orthodontics office or our Murrieta Orthodontics office, you’ll experience the highest quality technology and the mature, thorough orthodontics experience of the doctor’s We will address all aspects of the potential future treatment you’re here to see us for.

It starts by getting to know you on paper. After we have all the information in your personal records and we have looked over the smallest details of your history and special needs, we sit together with you and move through a thorough Orthodontic Consultation and talk about expectations, realities and potential concerns that must be treated. Our clinical diagnosis uses the highest quality technology available and allows us to literally see everything all at once in high resolution and helps to ensure we don’t miss anything. We will prepare a complete and detailed analysis and put it into writing, while taking you through the treatments in real time so you can view every aspect necessary. We set goals, make treatment schedules and discuss estimated Orthodontic fees. Of course we want you to be as involved with the process as you feel comfortable: questions are encouraged. You won’t feel rushed, because we take the necessary time and schedule our consultations to allow you plenty of time to get all you need out of the Orthodontic consult. What starts on paper ends with a personal experience that should leave you confident in our skills and us comfortable with the treatment we have mutually agreed upon.

Jergensen & Waddoups Orthodontics provides quality orthodontics for children, teens, and adults in Hemet, Temecula and Murrieta, California. Drs. Jergensen and Waddoups specialize in orthodontics, offering Invisalign invisible braces and a state-of-the-art craniofacial 3D imaging center for children, teens, and adults. Contact us to schedule your orthodontic consultation.