At Jergensen Waddoups Orthodontics, we know that great oral hygiene is critical to the success of every orthodontic patient and can be one of the most challenging aspects of orthodontic care.

That’s why we have partnered with Crest and Oral B to offer a comprehensive oral hygiene program.Ortho Essentials is a three-step oral hygiene program designed to boost oral health and hygiene practices in orthodontic patients. The day our patients get their braces on, our team will go over the importance of what foods to avoid, proper handling of emergencies, and proper oral hygiene techniques.

The Ortho Essentials kit includes the Oral B Smart Series 5000 power toothbrush. The Oral B brush head is designed for cleaning around braces. The Power Tip is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas between teeth and around wires and it is gentle on teeth, gums and brackets. The kit also includes a SmartGuide wireless display to provide feedback on brushing time and technique as well as the Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, Rinse, and Superfloss to help reduce plaque and gingivitis.