An Overcrowding Issue Can Be Addressed with Traditional Braces

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Overcrowding with the permanent teeth can often be attributed to structural issues, genetics, and some possible environmental factors. The tight spacing between the related teeth in an area can gradually affect your overall bite alignment.


As overcrowded teeth continue to progress, this could cause issues with the related teeth and their dentition. Overcrowded teeth could increase your risk of suffering a chipped or fractured tooth, as well as problems with dental attrition.


In many cases like this, a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Tal Jergensen can correct the alignment of your teeth by extracting a single tooth, thus making room to correct the adjacent teeth. Afterward, you will need to maintain some basic aftercare measures to prevent complications while your gums continue to heal.  


During recovery, try to chew your food on the other side of your mouth while your gums are healing. It is also important not to drink through a straw, as the suction could potentially pull the blood clots loose from the extraction site.


Dr. Tal Jergensen might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication. These will need to be taken at the specified times and dosages.


Once everything has healed, Dr. Tal Jergensen can install the remaining orthodontic components to start the process of correcting your teeth. This will eventually provide you with a more appealing smile and teeth that are less prone to developing dental fractures.


If you are in the Temecula, California, area, and if you have developed an overcrowding issue with your teeth, you should call 951-693-9373 to schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Tal Jergensen.