Shedding Some Light on Clear Braces

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If your teeth have some misalignments, braces can bring them into line and give you a more outstanding smile. By strategically placing brackets and an archwire, they can bring your teeth to a more proper alignment. If you would like more options with your braces, you can consider our clear braces. They still work like regular braces but offer a more discrete option while hiding your braces.

The difference is that we make the brackets out of a special material that is more transparent. Like a window, it allows the color of your teeth to show through. This quality can give the braces a better appearance when placed, and perhaps conveniently give the picture you want on picture day!

With regular braces, you will have a more metallic look (and more colorful with the colored bands we offer!). The clear braces camouflage themselves a little more, so they compliment your smile rather than hinder it.

If you are looking to align your smile and would like to consider our clear braces, you can come talk with us here at Miles of Smiles in Temecula, California. Our orthodontists, Dr. Tal Jergensen, can examine your teeth and figure out the treatment plan your teeth need so you can have your best possible smile. Call 951-693-9373, and we can answer any questions you have and schedule a consultation visit for you.