Traditional Braces Can Provide Your Child with a More Attractive Smile

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Oral development, genetics, and other factors can sometimes influence the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth. Over time, the problem can progress and leave your child with an awkward smile, hindered self-image, and teeth at increased risk of dental fractures.


In a situation like this, you should consider setting up a braces consultation with a professional orthodontist like Dr. Tal Jergensen. In many cases of significantly misaligned teeth, our orthodontist will recommend gradually correcting the alignment issue with traditional braces.


This effective orthodontic system typically incorporates wires that are threaded through brackets cemented onto the front surface of your child’s teeth. After installation, your son or daughter will occasionally need to visit Dr. Tal Jergensen for a routine adjustment.


These sessions will effectively tighten your child’s braces to gradually move their teeth toward their ideal alignment. The number of adjustments needed to correct their teeth will depend on the severity of the alignment problem.


Once the braces components have been removed, Dr. Tal Jergensen will provide your child with a retainer. Wearing their retainer for the appropriate amount of time will help ensure that your child’s teeth remain in their position without the risk of relapse.


If you live in the Temecula, California, area, and if your child has uncorrected alignment problems with their teeth, you should call 951-693-9373 to schedule a braces consultation at Miles of Smiles.