Shedding Some Light on Clear Braces

If your teeth have some misalignments, braces can bring them into line and give you a more outstanding smile. By strategically placing brackets and an archwire, they can bring your teeth to a more proper alignment. If you would like more options with your braces, you can consider our clear braces. They still work like regular braces but offer a... read more »

Will You Need a Retainer?

If you have braces, you will more than likely need to wear a retainer after they come off. You will need to wear your retainer for as long as the orthodontists directs. For some people, this may be a matter of months. Other people may need to wear one at night for life. There is no set time since every... read more »

What Can Invisalign®️ Offer Your Smile?

We are pleased to offer orthodontic treatment options outside of traditional braces for patients who prefer discretion and comfort. For example, Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligners that are worn over your teeth for shift their position and enhance your smile. If you aren’t familiar with Invisalign, we invite you to review the following benefits and how they can... read more »

Braces Prep 101

Braces used to be associated only with children, and they had a negative stigma that inspired many unpleasant names. Today, it’s very common for both children and adults to receive orthodontic treatment, though some people still find braces scary because they are unsure what to expect from treatment and after. We offer the following tips to help you prepare for... read more »

How to Have a Good Spring Break With Braces

Are you excited for the upcoming spring break? Well, we all are! Spring break is a great time to enjoy the newly warm weather and have a break from our busy lives. While you’re on spring break, it’s very important to still take great care of your braces. Just because you’re on a break from school doesn’t mean you’re on... read more »

Traditional Braces Can Provide Your Child with a More Attractive Smile

Oral development, genetics, and other factors can sometimes influence the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth. Over time, the problem can progress and leave your child with an awkward smile, hindered self-image, and teeth at increased risk of dental fractures.   In a situation like this, you should consider setting up a braces consultation with a professional orthodontist like Dr.... read more »

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

If your teeth are crowded, crooked, or gapped, our orthodontists may recommend braces or Invisalign® to gently straighten your teeth over time. If, for whatever reason, you are hesitant about straightening your teeth, consider all of the benefits orthodontic treatment has on your smile. Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean Unfortunately, teeth that are crooked are crowded are difficult to... read more »